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. impact at bay area airports. the technology in our life. >>jacqueline: heavy weather systems that will move up the east coast. this will strengthen as a result. with a blizzard conditions through the east coast and even through new england. let us take a look at issues towards massachusetts. there is winter weather advisories and warnings. the purple is indicating the blizzard warnings. with nearly 2 ft. of snowfall on a saturday. 1 in. per hour and gusting winds. 25 m.p.h., it is treacherous. taking a look at local conditions the pavement is wet over the golden gate. showers and stormtracker 4 radar showing that activity south of the golden gate. the peninsula, and as we take a look at the satellite and radar with plenty of showers coming in behind these. there rain for overnight and all of this as this quarter drops towards the coast. plenty of shower activity. ken ford to get, near petaluma, hayward, and the peninsula. as we head towards the early morning hours at take a look the snowfall. that is the blue on your screen. 2,500 ft.. a light probable dustin. for the higher
like taking risk in this environment. apple is the technology company and i can understand apple's view that they have freedom of cash on the balance sheet. some of this is complicated. some of the cash is overseas, they bring it home, thee incur some tax liability. cash on your balance sheet is freedom. it's freedom from bankers. >> we're going to slip in a quick break. bob, you're going to be with us for the rest of the hour. and i'm going to send it back to pebble beach and the one and only becky quick. >> when we come back, we're talking about putting money to work behind the next big thing. since we're here on the west coast, we figured we had to technology technology. we're going to talk to an investor in siri intelligent and ask him if he thinks aapple has a cash problem. plus, a live report on the weather in the northeast as they phase for blizzard conditions. i'm glad we got cdw and cisco to design our data center. yeah, the cisco ucsc series server, with the intel xeon processors, help us scale smoothly, like a perfect golf swing. how was it before? clunky and full of unnecess
. >> i'm glad they're finally putting this technology in large vehicles like trucks, because we've seen it in smaller vehicles. ford has had it in their suvs for a couple of years. >> and volvo is not taking this out of the equation. here's how it actually works. >> if there is no reaction from the driver, the display started to flash. if still no reaction from the driver, the truck's brakes are applied with a low braking force. finally, if still no reaction from the drive sir detected, an emergency full braking is performed. >> the real world test at the volvo test track. you can see a car up ahead moving now. watch what happens when the truck behind does not respond to the vehicle slowing down. [ beeper ] >> what? that is amazing, though. in a real situation without that technology that core could have been a crushed can. >> in europe, emergency systems will be required by law by 2015. you'll see a lot of this stuff there and hopefully it will trickle in. >>> best cat toy ever. ♪ ♪ >>> i think we can all agree the worst part of working out is working out. >> yeah. definitely. >> w
day rely on this 19th century technology. mostly tourists. according to an abc 7 news i team report cable cars cause the most injuries of any form of transportation in the country. >> some of the people who were taken to the hospital were tourists who were supposed to leave on a cruise this afternoon. unfortunately, the ship left without them. in san francisco, lyanne melendez, abc 7 news. >>> well, your morning commute is going to be wet after a long dry spell. spencer christian is tracking it on live doppler 7 hd tonight. spencer? >> going to be wet. we don't expect downpours but wet spots for sure. right now looking at dry conditions as we check out live doppler 7hd. clouds thicken overnight and tomorrow morning at 5:00 there will be wet spots mainly from northern marin through sonoma and parts of northern napa county and in a line from san francisco and oakland southward down across the peninsula and into the santa cruz mountains. as the morning goes on we will see the showers becoming more widespread shifting south ward and east wart. by the end of the morning rush should be dr
is we're lucky. which beats being smart. we invest in great industries, technology is basically causing people to consume more media. the companies are figures out a way to -- are figuring out a way to collect revenues from this, valuations are reasonable, cash flow is there. companies have been responsible allocaters of capital, almost a perfect storm on the positive side. liz: what you just articulated to me is extremely important because you said we're just buying good companies and being lucky is being smart. it's not hard to do. when you look at a company through good times and bad, these companies have done beautifully, but let's pull out some of your best and your favorites and your widely helds here. and among them, some of them to me are very interesting because you've got some gamers in here. and that is a particular play on the asian gaming picture. is this just a macau story once again? >> it's asia in general, macau, singapore, vietnam is going to open up, the philippines are going to open up. we think at some point gaming is going to take place in japan. the folks in asia
think that we need to look more towards technology. the government has pretty much been slow. they will take good ideas and screw them up. moving more towards technology is probably the answer. >> how do think this case will end? >> let us " there will find some trace of kevin. some small thing that will put him in that house. and item hoping there will be able to get some closure. and also, the roommate this guy needs to be talked to, interrogated. >> pam: he is not considered a suspect at this time. mark, thank you so much for your time tonight klass. mark... uncover new details and follow developments in the facebook and twitter pages. >> pam: developing tonight. new details released about the deadly triple shooting at a rural home in sonoma county. this is video of the scene from yesterday afternoon, courtesy of our helicopter partnership with a-b-c-7- news. tonight. we are hearing from someone who knew one of the but first. kron-4's dan kerman explains what may have been behind the killings. >> there was some marijuana left back at the scene. and based on interviews, peo
, not so much technology, what do you think is going to be the leadership this year? >> well, it ended last year with the financials coming on strong. maria, i think that's just the beginning of -- of the -- of the move in financials, and i think -- i think technology will play a game of catchup. it's quality. quality leadership, and that's so very, very important. i know people on a short-term basis are concerned, and i -- i can understand that, but there's absolutely, absolutely no speculation, and that's what ends the bull market is speculation. we're not even there. the public's not in the market, so there's a lot of room left. >> hey, bob, bob pisani with us as well. bob, you heard that. there is, you know, evidence that money is starting to come into the market. >> yeah. >> ral is absolutely right. the public is really only dipping their toe in, so we've seen several billion of inflows in mutual funds in the month of january. four consecutive weeks, scott, good news. $400 billion in outflows from mutual funds since 2008 so compare it. maybe we've got 40 billion going in in the last, y
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. the words are going this way-there's no way. oh, the lights came on. isn't technology supposed to make life easier? at chase we're pioneering innovations that make banking simple. deposit a check with a photo. pay someone with an email. and bank seamlessly with our award-winning mobile app. take a step forward... and chase what matters. (male announcer) this is the bay area news station, kron 4 news starts now. >> developing tonight at eight o-clock. kron-4 has learned the name of the teenage girl who was found dead in a fairfield park late last week. this comes. as police continue to try to figure out who killed her. and why. kron-4's dan kerman has the latest details. >> reporter: janelle conway was found in a public park. >> issue was very sweet and loving and we are really hurt by the whole thing. >> this set grandmother was just one visiting the park to pay their respects. she spoke but would not a lot cause to share her face. >> i am heartbroken. that is why i am here to show the support that we have for her loss. it is really sad that had to end this way. another person says about th
,000, they are planning technology for the increased popularity of these facial treatments. smart phones, tablets, why fight, could use more muscle. so, your muscles could lose elasticity. the more our faces are leaned over, gravity is pulling over. with charle and the marin that line---mariannete lines and jowels... and oh my gosh! everybody has their tablet on their i do not see this happening when you work this device at the head level. i think that people find this strange, and if you saw somebody doing this at the shopping mall. you are probably not thinking that they are preventing their skin from drooping. perhaps that looks strange. there are worse things that could cause your skin to sag >> if you are playing video games, were looking at your smart phones, smart tablet, laptop, it could impact the back of your neck. a good idea would be to stretch, take a break and open up the chest and step away from the ipad. gabe slate tech report >> we are continuing to look for the cop killer. we're continuing to follow the search for a former police officer -- who investgitors say is on a killing rampag
are turning to technology now to help them be in more than one place at one time. cbs news correspondent bigad shaban is in l.a., to what some are calling the best advances in medicine. >> dr. paul vaspa has an unusual way of making his rounds at ucla. >> how are you doing? >> good. how are you. >> he uses a robot. vespa uses a joy stick to control the robot's movements. >> i want you to do a couple of things for me. can you hold up your hands way up in the air like that for me? >> yeah. >> 27-year-old kevin was admitted for bleeding in the brain. doctors examined him in person but he also had periodic visits from the robot. >> i thought it was really cool. probably the next best thing to having a doctor actually come and talk to you. it feels like you're actually talking to the doctor. you can see his face there and he can see you. >> reporter: doctors can also check the robot at home. >> right now, we have tremendous delays in our healthcare delivery. largely because we don't have enough physicians in enough locations. so this could really revo
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in the center of plate. technology to the rescue, right? >> they're problem, they had all those chips without cheese and wanted to maximize their chip to cheese ratio. >> basically, cut your or tortilla chip put them in a mini muffin pan and make individual, like, nacho cups? >> exactly. and engineered so the tortillas would fit and hold as much cheese as possible. >> oh, i love it. >> like a little finger food. you can pass them around in a wedding. the cup that holds the sour cream, the sauce and jalapeno. >> i love this. someone out to get out there and make these, zack. >> sounds like a business! >> you're going to make so much money. >>> now, if you want to be a winner of an ipad mini, you've got to enter. >> that's really simple to do. >> yes. you're going to need wednesday's buzzword and you have to be 18 or older to center. >> when you get the buzzword, head over to our facebook page. using a tablet or iphone, head to the facebook page. >> the buzzword is snippet. head over to "right this minute"/ticket and enter the buzzword, snippet, s-n-i-p-p-e-t, for your chance to win, everybody
. >> that was a gm decision. companies have a responsibility to explore new technologies and do things with all the discussion about climate and environment. that was done in gm and it's a great vehicle. >> jon: right, right. so you are happy with the arrangement? >> yeah, they let us do it. >> jon: when you went in there, how difficult for you? you had not run a car company previously? [laughter] >> never. >> jon: you are the most genial guy that has run these companies. there's a bunch of guys there 20 years, 30 years, they've been working hard. you walk in and you've run a company but it's at&t. are they mad at you? are they mean to you? how do you get their trust, respect and enthusiasm? >> i asked what went wrong at gm. one of the answers was we didn't do anything wrong, the economy got us. it was interesting i said it didn't get a lot of other car companies, you know so why did it pick on us. >> jon: where did the meeting go from there? >> sort of downhill from there. [ laughter ] >> jon: right. what was your due diligence center field how long did you spend there gaining the information
-there's no way. oh, the lights came on. isn't technology supposed to make life easier? at chase we're pioneering innovations that make banking simple. deposit a check with a photo. pay someone with an email. and bank seamlessly with our award-winning mobile app. take a step forward... and chase what matters. complete bay area news coverage continues. this is ktvu channel two news at 5:00 o'clock. >>> 450 years we have in getting our mail delivered on saturday, but that won't be the case for much longer. today the u.s. postal service said is going to stop service on saturday later this summer and our consumer editor is in [indiscernible] tonight tells us some mail will be delivered but some won't. tom? >> reporter: that is exactly right, as of august, think about it. normal mail, letters, bills, magazines will not be arriving to be picked up at your home or business on saturdays. the post office is drowning in a sake of ready has to stop the bleeding. >> the choices to change the service or raise prices on people don't want prices raise so we will make changes to service. >> reporter: it will sav
completely. change the definition of an illegal shotgun to include the new technology of a shotgun rifle combination and require all guns to be registered with the state closing current gaps. >> we need to lead the way. new york has stepped up and stepped forward. california needs to answer the call. >> a lot of the bills are infringement of the second amendment. >>reporter: but gun owner say the proposal wouldn't have stopped massacre like sandy hook had they been enacted what would stop the kill centers would be somebody who is lawfully carrying with ccw, concealed carry weapon permit. >>reporter: many family who lost loved twouns gun veils see the sentence proposal as step in the right direction. >> it's so awful to lose your child and to lose them in this way that many of the know we have to work on spaering other parents of going through that e-assembly has been busy too with more gun control bills. latest measure requires gun owners to buy liability insurance. in sacramento, abc 7 news. >>> vallejo police need help catching 2 suspects who force their way into a home and shot 3
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. health care had a very good january. technology is going to be one 6 the leadership sectors. it's probably going to take over the leadership from financials. if you look at leadership in '13, focus on consumer discretionary, technology and health care, the three drivers. six months from now i think you'll see a majority of the flow is not yet in the sectors, they'll start to come in. the other thing to think about, too, if you look at the fun flow data, january was the first time we saw significantly more money of bond funds. since 2007. first time we've >> joe, private sector for the quarter, 675. the second strongest quarter of the recovery for private. >> right. >> does this make the gdp number, does that put a nail in that number? >> yes, absolutely. we thought it did before hand, because i mentioned the private demand was so strong. i'm chuckling because as you're saying this, i'm looking at the fed and thinking to myself, this is like new year's eve, we're going to party like it's 1999, and we've just drank a lot of booze and now we're doing tequila shots. they just got th
descriptions have to change as technology is adapted. >> you think people deserve to be paid for answering a telephone call? >> yes. i mean, depending on the length of the call. >> if it's a five minute interruption, i think it would be foolhardy of an employee to expect to have overtime pay. >> reporter: steven gorski practices employment law and says that technology advances, the courts will probably establish a reasonable standard for how much the office can contact people on their off hours without paying them but a judge has allowed other officers to join in the chicago lawsuit and that could end up costing the city millions of dollars in back pay. what would the ramifications be for this to anybody who wants to pick up the phone and call their employee on the day off? >> i think they will think twice. before they hire them they will give a full description. this is your job description. you will be paid 9 to 5 when you come in but you will be expected to answer a brief phone call. >> reporter: but there could be an upside for employees. >> probab
i am not an expert to tell you how to use technology. what i want to do with you is to show you what i have done that has been successful for me to get vandals arrested. and what we did is pretty good. we use a couple things. anybody ever heard of graffiti tracker? you haven't? awesome program, right. if you guys don't have graffiti tracker yet, we're going to talk about graffiti tracker. that's one of the biggest things i use. when i first came to this detail, i was a body hate crimes school violence detector when i first came to this detail. next thing they said, budget cuts. they got rid of school violence for some reason and then gave me graffiti. i was like, ah, hell no, graffiti? [laughter] >> hey, when you work the road, you get that hot call for graffiti. you guys are passionate because you're here obviously. most of the time i listen to the radio and they slow all that. you know what i'm saying? it's just graffiti, just a misdemeanor. but we talk about it, it's not just graffiti, it is a gateway crime. we're doing a study right now as we speak, we're into our second yea
technology. it's a different method of solving a problem. there's no due process at that point. in acts of war, in acts of violence when we proactively or even reactively act against it, this is just more an advanced way of doing it. where is the due process in those other situations? obviously it comes back to the question of andrea as far as the word imminent, but i just see it as a more sophisticated, more technologically advanced way of solving problems. >> you talked about waco. i think it was a horrible mistake by the justice department and the people on the ground to do what they did. i think it was handfisted, and a lot of people died unnecessarily. that said, the government believed at that point that the children inside were in imminent harm. n in imminent danger. i'm not sure how you save the children by burning the place down, but that's the calculation that they made. and that goes back, steve, to the question of imminent. what is imminent? obviously i'd be the first one to say if they have evidence that this guy is planning an attack, kill him. fine with it. but you know w
us how it works. may look like a vid >>> welcome back. healthwatch now. a new technology is helping brain surgeons improve their skills before they practice on patients. ines ferre shows us how it all works. >> reporter: this may look like videogames but it's actually serious business. >> we need to stop the bleeding with your right hand. >> reporter: first year resident is using a virtual reality simulator to hone his brain surgery skills. >> the machine actually simulates the sounds, feelings, the actual tactile feedback that you would get if you actually were standing there in the operating room. >> reporter: mount sinai school of medicine is the first in the u.s. to use the neurotouch stimulator. it's 3-d software and hand-held controls closely mimicking actual brain surgery allowing residents to practice procedures before they perform them on patients. >> i think it has enormous potential to improve and potentially revolutionize the way we train and prepare for surgeries. >> reporter: the simulator measures speed, accuracy and blood loss an
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for coffee. it is possible with technology that may already be inside your phone. near field communications is a technology that is allowing devices to communicate over really short areas using very low powers. android and windows phones have it but not the iphone. >> it is about simplifying routine adds that take up a lot of time. >> special stickers the trigger and at sea commands, and be taxed. >> each one of the stickers contains instructions for your phone. it makes your smart phone like a magic wand. all you have to do is happened to another device and it will played do something like a music for you. or stream content to your television. >> with a tap, you can adjust settings. tap to and at sea phones together and you can swap play list, pictures and more. it can even turn your phone into a virtual while it, tapped to pay at a register. big-name companies like macy's, but cbs, up toys are rest already have it at the registers. >> the streets of baltimore fill of ravens fans celebrating the team's super bowl win. fans have been waiting for this moment for the 13 years and when the tea
, the lights came on. isn't technology supposed to make life easier? at chase we're pioneering innovations that make banking simple. deposit a check with a photo. pay someone with an email. and bank seamlessly with our award-winning mobile app. take a step forward... and chase what matters. growing up, we didn't have u-verse. we couldn't record four shows at the same time. in my day, you were lucky if you could record two shows. and if mom was recording her dumb show and dad was recording his dumb show then, by george, that's all we watched. and we liked it! today's kids got it so good. [ male announcer ] get u-verse tv for just $19 a month for 1 year when you bundle tv and internet. rethink possible. the winners and losers on wall street -- including now for today's market update. stocks gain back most of what they lost during monday's selloff. thanks to several strong earnings reports and a surge in home prices. on wall street. the dow picked up 99-points to close just shy of 14-thousand. the nasdaq gained 40-points. and the s-and-p-500 rose 15-points to close above 15-hundred. the justi
with trap + lock technology. look! one select-a-size sheet of bounty is 50% more absorbent than a full size sheet of the leading ordinary brand. use less. with the small but powerful picker upper, bounty select-a-size. >>> this is the second time they launched anlimals into space. a mouse, a turtle, and a worm were launched into space in 2010. >> space turtle, space mouse, space worm -- inspired the iranian hit "shia pets." >> then there's this study. gamblers may have fixed the biggest sport in the world. we'll show you who allegedly did it and how much money was involved ahead on "cbs this morning." >>> good morning, everyone. it is 8:00 a.m. welcome back to "cbs this morning." it was a life and death choice by fbi agents. we'll show you why authorities say they couldn't wait any longer to free a little boy held prisoner under ground for nearly a week. >>> and there's new warnings about the supplements millions of americans rely on for their health. >>> first, here's a look at today's "eye opener" at 8:00. >> the seven-day standoff ended as violently as it began, with a gunshot. >> fbi ag
. >>> the rebound in technology helps boost the increase in jobs. now there were 42,000 new jobs created in santa clara and san mateo counties as well as fremont, scott veilly and union -- scotts valley and union city. san francisco by the way created 18,000 jobs. >> sal, you are back with me now, aren't you? >> can you hear me now? >> we can hear you. >> my microphone is right here. >> the director came out and helped me. >> let's go out and take a look. >> we have so much fun here on the morning news don't we? let's take a look at the commute now, the traffic time in san francisco is still pretty good from 280 to the lower deck of the bay bridge than a three minute drive when things are going well and much more when it is not. down to the bay bridge toll plaza, that is getting thick but in the cash lanes it is spiking to 10 or 12 minutes and we are about five minutes away from them putting the metering lights on. >>> as we mentioned, the peninsular traffic is moving along nicely although there is a little bit of slowing on 92 and up and over the hill. steve, it is not as foggy as it was yesterd
this way-there's no way. oh, the lights came on. isn't technology supposed to make life easier? at chase we're pioneering innovations that make banking simple. deposit a check with a photo. pay someone with an email. and bank seamlessly with our award-winning mobile app. take a step forward... and chase what matters. >>> complete bay area news coverage starts right now, this is ktvu channel 2 news at 5:00 p.m. >> statewide search is on for this man. three people are gunned down and a promise of more violence. we continue our coverage. chris dorner accused of going on a deadly rampage. ktvu's eric rasmussen is live with the bay area link you discovered. >> reporter: right now we are watching a news conference that is about to begin and hope to get additional details. as far as the bay area connection, among those named in chris dorner's manifesto is former los angeles police department chief bill bratton. chris dorner and bill bratton suppose for this picture. he served in the u.s. navy. while bill bratton doesn't remember much about him, he does -- chris dorner includes him in his threats.
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? >> amazingly. the technology is really amazing to help seniors stay home longer. the first device is a medical alert device, lifeline. the senior wears the pend ant around their neck. they can push the button to call for help if they need it. this has an extra feature where there are fall detection sensors built into the pendant button. >> so the senior doesn't have to press it? >> that's right. if they fall and become dis disoriented, which is very common, this summons help for you. >> what does this go for? >> about $40 a month. >> you have it, want peace of mind but spend a little less. >> two big-button senior-friendly phones. and the pend ant button that the senior wears around their neck. you can make and receive calls right from the pendant or backside of the pendant. it has two emergency contacts you can program in if you fall and you're in a jam. >> what is this one? >> mobile alert twice for anywhere you happen to be. if you are out taking a walk, you press one button. the operator comes on the line to find out what's wrong. it has gps technology so they know your exact location to s
. a negative side effect of the technology in our lives. smart- phones and tablets are being blamed for a new phenomenon. dubbed "smart- phone face". facial skin sagging, or drooping, more quickly than nature intended. researchers say. it is caused by people spending hours with their heads. bent down looking at their gadgets. kron 4's tech reporter gabe slate shares the warning. doctors want all gadget users to hear. chin implants people are spending an increasing amount of time crouching down looking down at electronic media. jowels and mariennette lines at it is being called smart phone face or smart phone saggy face and these strangers are just staring down but if your court to hold this at eye / head level.. it might seem awkward or look awkward. perhaps you do not think that they are looking bathat is normal. this is dr. that specializes in physical therapy sees a surge. >> if you are looking down for two-three hours many times you will feel the tension in the back of your neck. while it has become a habit is a good idea to take a break. structure. open up the chest and a step away. >>
transportation technologies but is proving it can be done now. he uses six modes of transportation to get from his home in san francisco to his job at microsoft in mountain view. do you feel good about not using a car? >> uhm, i feel happier than i do when i'm reading license plates and butcher stickers, so yeah. >> reporter: a google spokesman was not available for comment but they did say in a statement, they do want to work with the city of mountain view in solving these issues and they are concerned about the environment, as well. allen, there is a feeling around mountain view that this problem may not be that hard to solve. they have done a lot of research and found that a great percentage of workers into this area lives within a five-mile radius so they can maybe get on a bike, get on foot, maybe get into another shuttle bus or something like that so it may not be as hard to solve as you might first thing. >> the closer you live to work, makes sense. >> reporter: that's right. >> thanks, len. >>> i got some traffic trouble for you here. the came
. oh, the lights came on. isn't technology supposed to make life easier? at chase we're pioneering innovations that make banking simple. deposit a check with a photo. pay someone with an email. and bank seamlessly with our award-winning mobile app. take a step forward... and chase what matters. >>> 8:00 now on this thursday morning, the 7th day of february, 2013. boy, did we feel it, the temperature is dropping here in new york city, tidings of things to come. 31 degrees out on our plaza this morning. snow is on the way. how much snow and when? al will have his forecast in a minute. >> i will. >> savannah guthrie and matt lauer and the aforementioned weather man al roker. >> a big weekend for snl, in the building just across the street from us this weekend. that guy there, justin bieber, will be hosting snl and will be the musical guest. that brings the family to town. this morning pattie mallette, justin's mom is in our studio. lots to talk to her about. we'll do that in a couple minutes. >> we are also going to meet a much younger star, 2-year-old titus, who became an internet se
came on. isn't technology supposed to make life easier? at chase we're pioneering innovations that make banking simple. deposit a check with a photo. pay someone with an email. and bank seamlessly with our award-winning mobile app. take a step forward... and chase what matters. >> pie 448 am the ravens use the last defensive stand to win but the final score was 34 to 31. a power outage in the beginning of the third quarter delayed play for about 35 minutes. it was relatively quiet night in san francisco. lot of people out the street setting off fireworks as you could see in the video from our helicopter partnership with abc seven news. 25 people were arrested for public intoxication after last night's super bowl loss. we are keeping an eye on your morning forecast and erica has a complete look at the weather. >> temperatures are not too cold, we are still holding above that freezing mark. i think fog is a bigger story, we have areas of locally dense fog. it is an land along the coastline and just about everywhere. drive with extra caution. we are three tenths of a mile for santa rosa, h
the dow lost 129-points to fall below 14- thousand. falling technology stocks cost the nasdaq 47-points. and the s-and-p-500 lost 17- points to fall below 15- hundred. the super bowl is the world's biggest stage for advertisers. but what happens when a home soda-maker tries to go head- to-head with the major drink companies? their commercial doesn't get on! alison kosik explains. soda-stream learned the hard way: the super bowl is not the place to take on coke and pepsi. the company - which lets consumers make their own carbonated drinks at home, using less plastic in the process - says c-b-s rejected its ad for sunday's big game. soda stream claims the network threw a red-light on its commercial, for directly attacking coca-cola and pepsi-co. the commercial depicted delivery men from both companies in such a rush to get their product to stores, their bottles explode. "with soda stream, we could've saved 500 million bottles on game day alone." pepsi was the sponsor of the super bowl's halftime show. and along with coke - ran multiple spots during the game itself. soda-stream c-e-o danie
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